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A patron will compensate the library for lost or damaged items at the cost of replacement. All lost or damaged items are charged a $10.00 processing fee in addition to the replacement cost.

  • Items with Replacement Cost - The cost of replacing items will be determined by consulting the cost field in the item record in the circulation system.
  • Items without Replacement Cost - Items with no listed replacement cost will be charged the following:
    • Non-fiction Books: hardback - $35.00, paperback - $20.00
    • Fiction Books: hardback - $20.00, paperback - $8.00
    • Toddler Books: $5.00
    • Magazines: $5.00
    • Audiocassette/Book Packages: $9.00
    • Janway Media Bag Replacement: $3.00
    • Children's Puzzles: $10.00
    • Audio Books (per cassette): $7.50
    • Audio CDs (per CD): $10.00
    • Computer CD-ROM products: $30.00
    • Videos/DVDs: $25.00
    • Art Prints: $75.00
  • Media Packaging - If media material (VHS, DVD, CD, CD-ROM, audio, book w/ cassette, or books with included software) is returned with any part of the packaging missing (case, jacket cover, music notes, accompanying software, etc.), the patron will be charged the total cost of the item.
  • Repairable Damages - Repairable damages will be charged at cost of repair. Repair staff, head of circulation, or branch manager may be consulted concerning questionable damages.
    • New barcode label: $1.00
    • Ripped page: $1.00 per page
    • Fixable stains, spines, etc.: $1.00 per page
    • Water-damaged books are not repairable.
    • Cover Art (if cover can be replaced): $1.00 per cover
  • Equipment - Damaged or lost equipment will be charged the fair market value for repairing or replacing the item.

All Returned checks are subject to a $25.00 fee.