Internet Computers at the Main Library
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Printing is only supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.  At this time our system does not support printing from iPhones/iPads or other mobile operating systems.

  1. On the "Login Successful" page click the link to download the print client for your operating system.  
  2. Run the program.  Depending on your security settings and/or firewall settings you may receive a warning about the installation.
  3. The LPT:One Print Client will open on your taskbar behind the other windows.
  4. Click the taskbar icon to display the print client and make sure it doesn’t have a message indicating that it is not connected.  NOTE: If you Close this window or press the Stop Print Client button you will not be able to print.
  5. After the print client appears in your taskbar you should notice two new printers installed on your computer.  NOTE: If you Close the LPT:One Print Client window or press the Stop Print Client button you will not see these printers in your printer list.
  6. When you are ready to print select a printer then print. The LPT:One Print Client will briefly display showing it is accessing our print management system.
  7. You will be prompted to enter your user ID (library card number) and PIN. If you do not have a library card number and PIN type in anything to identify you as your user ID and a PIN. You will need to re-enter this information at the Print Release Station.
  8. The next window shows how many pages will be sent to the Print Release Terminal and how much the print job will cost. If everything is correct click OK.
  9. A confirmation window will appear informing you the print job has been received. You may now go to the Print Release Terminal to pay for and release your print job.