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An eBook is an electronic book that can be read on your computer, mobile device or ebook readers. An downloadable audiobook can be listened to on your computer, mobile device, or portable listening device. 

What is NIDL?

NIDL stands for the Northeast Indiana Digital Library. The Wells County Public Library is part of the NIDL consortium with other public libraries in northeast Indiana. This service provides access to eBooks and eAudiobooks available for downloading onto your PC or transferring to a compatible device, through a company called OverDrive®. This service is available through your home computer using your library card number and PIN. To access the site go directly to or go to the library’s website and click the eBooks or eAudiobooks icon located under the online catalog search box. You can also access OverDrive by downloading the OverDrive Media Console App® on many compatible tablet computers or eReaders.

Where can I get help on using NIDL?

We strongly recommend that you go to the My Help section on the NIDL website for customized assistance. Simply click on the “Digital Help” link on the right side of the Northeast Indiana Digital Library website in the “Getting Started” section and then click on “My Help.” The My Help section walks you through step-by-step how to set up your device and get it ready to check out eBooks and eAudiobooks. Each device works different and this section is customized to help you with your specific eReader or tablet computer. You’ll also find how-to videos and general help in the main “Digital Help” section.

You can also pick up a “Download Audiobooks and eBooks” brochure at the Main Library or Ossian Branch to give you a general overview of how the process works.

How do I get library eBooks or Audiobooks on my eReader or device?

Follow along with the instructions in the “My Help” section on the NIDL website or the “Download Audiobooks and eBooks” brochure that you picked up from the Main Library or Ossian Branch. In general follow these guidelines based on your type of device:

  1. for most of the devices you’ll have to If you are using a basic eReader or your computer:download either Adobe Digital Editions (for eBooks) or OverDrive Media Console (for audiobooks) software onto your computer. This software allows you to view or listen to the books on your computer and then has a transfer function so you can transfer to an eReader or MP3 player. Note: with a Kindle device you don’t need this software.
  2. If you have a Kindle Fire, Nook Color or Tablet, Android-based tablet computer, iPad, or smart phone: you can check out books directly on your device. If you have a tablet computer, Nook, or smart phone, you’ll need to download the OverDrive Media Console App, which can be found in your App store. With the Kindle Fire you can either download the App (which is recommended) or you have the option to go to the NIDL site via the web browser on your device. When you check out it will automatically take you to Amazon where you can sign into your account to complete the transfer.
Can I use my device to get books or do I have to use my computer?

All the devices work a bit differently. If you have questions about your specific device it is best to go to the NIDL site ( and click the “Digital Help” link and then click the “My Help” button on the right of the page or browse through the “Getting Started” section for info specific to your device. In general, as of Jan. 2013, the devices that you can check out books directly onto are the Nook Color, any Nook tablet, any Kindle Fire, iPad, Android-based tablet computers, and most smart phones. All the other eReaders require you to use the computer first, download the book onto your computer, view it in either your Amazon account (for Kindle) or in the software downloaded in Step 3 above, and then transfer to your device either wirelessly (all Kindle products can do this for some of the books) or by plugging your USB cord into the computer to transfer (all Kindle products and other eReaders can use this method). Note: this may change in the future.

I can directly download books I’ve purchased on my eReader, so why can’t I do that with library eBooks?

Many of the compatible eReaders have the ability to directly download eBooks from their stores. However, library eBooks have different Digital Rights Management (DRM), which is a technology that prevents the unlawful sharing of electronic items. Most library eBooks use Adobe DRM, which publishers require in order to protect their copyrights. Since the only way to currently check this Adobe DRM on library books is within the OverDrive Media Console app, you must use a computer to authorize your eBook checkouts before you can transfer them to your portable devices that do not have the capabilities to run this app. Kindle books work in a similar way, though they have a different DRM. Most Kindles have WiFi or 3G Internet Access that allow you to connect to their store and not browse the Internet freely. Because of this you cannot get to the NIDL site to check out library books on your device (the Kindle Fire devices are the only Kindle products that currently allows this). With Android-based tablet computers, Nook tablets, iPads, and smart phones you can use the OverDrive Media Console App available in your devices App store to check out and view eBooks that use the Adobe DRM.

Do I come to the library to get eBooks?

The nice thing about lending eBooks or eAudiobooks is that you can check them out from your home or anywhere you can get Internet Access (the library does offer free WiFi access).

How long do I get to keep the books?

When you check out you have the option to select the lending period: 7, 14, or 21 days. eBooks can be returned early and most eAudiobooks can be returned early, depending on the software and device used to check out the eAudiobook. At the end of the lending period they check back in automatically.

How many eBooks can I check out at a time?

You may check out up to 3 OverDrive items at any one time. This includes eBooks and downloadable eAudiobooks.

Can I place holds on eBooks?

Yes. You can place up to 3 holds on eBooks or eAudiobooks. This is separate from holds on print items, so if you have multiple holds on print items it will not affect your ability to place holds on digital items via OverDrive.

Can I renew an eBook?

No. You cannot renew an eBook. However, as long as no one has a hold placed on the item, you should be able to check it back out to yourself immediately.

Does it cost to check-out library books? Even if I have to go through my Amazon account to get them on my Kindle?

No, there is no cost for checking out any library book and no overdue fees. It automatically checks the book back in after the lending period is expired. If you own a Kindle, in the “Manage Your Kindle” section on your Amazon account, you’ll find all the books you’ve downloaded. You’ll note that all the library titles say “Public Library” behind the name, so Amazon knows it’s a library book and not one you’ve purchased.

How do I check the book back in early?

If you are finished with your book you can check it back in early so others can enjoy and you are able to download more books. If you have a Kindle, go to your Amazon account on your computer and click “Manage Your Kindle.” Next to the book from the drop-down “Action” menu select “Return this book.” And confirm. With all the other eReaders, you can return in Adobe Digital Editions. Go to the “library” view, so you can see the covers of all the books you have checked out. Hover over the book image, you’ll see an arrow appear to the left of the book. Click it and select “Return Borrowed Item.”And confirm. If you use the OverDrive Media Console app on a tablet computer or smart phone, when you are in the home screen you can click “Edit.” A red minus sign appears to the left of the book title. Click it and then you will get a “delete” option. A new screen opens and asks if you’d like to return the book as well. Choose “Return then Delete.” Some of the App versions have a plus symbol which you can click to get the option to return and delete, instead of hitting the edit button.

If you finish an MP3 audiobook early and you checked it out on your computer and not the app, you can return it before the end of the lending period using OverDrive Media Console. Note: Only MP3 audiobooks downloaded after you update the OverDrive Media Console to v3.2.2.0 will have the return option. This option is not yet part of the OverDrive Media Console for Apple computers. Note: Due to OverDrive publisher agreements, WMA titles cannot be returned before the lending period is up. If you meet these requirements, within OverDrive Media Console select the Audiobook you want to return and hit the “Delete” button at the top. Click “Return/Delete” to both return the book and delete it off of your computer.

Can I go to any library, like Allen County, to get eBooks? Or how does OverDrive cross-check to make sure I am a valid patron?

You can only check out books at your primary library. In order to check out books from the library you will need to know your library card number (located on your card) and PIN number (a number assigned to you when you get your library card). When prompted to enter your library card number, make sure to enter it without any spaces. If you’d like to switch your pin number to something you can remember better go to the circulation desk for assistance or click on the My Account link to log-in to your account to find the option to change your PIN.

I have a PLAC card? Can I check out eBooks?

No. Sorry, PLAC card holders and those with purchased cards will not be able to check out eBooks or eAudiobooks. This restriction is set by OverDrive, due to publisher demands.

Do you offer assistance on downloading books?

Yes and no. Due to the way library lending is managed by OverDrive, we cannot offer direct assistance on several of the devices. With many of the devices, you must check out and download the books onto your personal computer and then transfer them to your eReader or other device. If you have a Kindle Fire, Nook tablet, tablet computer, or Smart Phone it is easier for us to help you since books can be checked out directly on the device. However, we cannot provide detailed assistance and extensive troubleshooting help on using your device. There are many wonderful online resources that can assist you if you are having problems (see the rest of this sheet for more help.)

We do offer eReader classes and fairs throughout the year to help you with library lending. Check out the calendar on our website or the Computer Class Schedule for information on classes or drop-in fairs.

While all of our staff is familiar with library lending, it is to your benefit to wait till one of these classes or fairs to ask questions and get more assistance, since we have more time to focus on issues you might be having.

I’m having problems understanding how to work my eReader or other device.
  • Most of the eReaders on the market will have a User Guide on the device itself. Check that for answers to common questions.
  • The company the library uses that manages the eBook and eAudiobook lending for us is called OverDrive. They have compiled many helpful tools and links to help you understand your device and how it works with library lending. On the NIDL site go to the “Supported Devices” link on the right side of the page under the “Getting Started” section. This link lists all of the eReaders that are compatible with library lending. It discusses the type of files that can be viewed on the device and has links to product information, support pages, and price info. Also in the “Digital Help” and then “My Help” section you can enter your specific device info and one of the tabs has a F.A.Q. section for common questions related to that eReader or device.
  • The Eckhart Public Library has done a series of video tutorials on using specific devices and how it works with checking out books via the Northeast Indiana Digital Library. View them at
  • After all that if you still have issues, you can stop by the reference desk to ask questions or find out when the next eReader fair or class will be held.
I can’t find my eBooks on my device once I transfer them.

Library books are often stored in a different location on the device then your purchased books. For example, on many of the basic Nook devices, you’ll want to look under “My Library” and then “My Documents” or “My Files” section and browse through a few folders to find your library book. If you are using the OverDrive Media Console app on your device, then you just open the app to read the eBooks you have checked out or listen to library Audiobooks.

If I have a Kindle, do I still need to download the Adobe Digital Editions or OverDrive Media Console onto my computer?

No. All the “Kindle” books you check out in OverDrive open into your Amazon account to transfer to your device. Therefore, you don’t need the extra software on your computer. If you use the OverDrive Media Console app on your Kindle Fire device, you’ll do everything directly in that app. You will, however, need to create an Adobe ID for the app to run correctly.

I have a Kindle. How do I transfer books wirelessly?

If you have a Kindle it is possible to transfer some books wirelessly from your computer to your device (note: some publishers prevent their books from being transferred wirelessly, if this is the case it will tell you the book cannot be transferred wirelessly when you attempt it). You check out the book on your computer and follow all the instructions on the page. Once it opens the window to your Amazon account continue to follow the instructions. You’ll be prompted to log into your account if you aren’t already. If you have more than one Kindle device, you’ll need to make sure the device you want the book sent to is selected from the drop-down menu. You should see a message saying that the book has been added to your account. Do not hit Download button. Instead, on your Kindle device go to the menu and select “Sync or Check for Items.” Return to the home page to see the cover (it may take a few minutes to download completely). Note: with the Kindle Fire you can actually check the books out on your device as well, but you’ll still need to hit the “Sync” button, or you can do it directly in the OverDrive Media Console app.

I have a Kindle Fire. How do I get books on that? How do I transfer them wirelessly?

The Kindle Fire works a bit differently than other Kindle devices. The main feature being that since you can browse the Internet fully that you can check out the books via the NIDL site directly on your device. You follow the same process to check out the books and how to transfer them wirelessly in the question above. However, instead of Syncing the device in the menu, go to the home page, click the gear symbol for “Settings” in the upper right corner on the device and choose “Sync.”

While this works fine, we recommend you install the OverDrive Media Console app onto your Kindle Fire to make the check-out process quicker and since everything from checking out, downloading, and reading can all be done within the app. Go to the App store on the Kindle Fire to get the app and then browse for our library. The first time you use the app, you’ll be asked to create an Adobe ID to be able to read your books. Note: even though you will be using your Kindle, if you are using the app it is important than when you check out an eBook you get the “ePub” version of the book (not the Kindle version) when you check out.

Note: some people have mentioned having WiFi issues with their Kindle (i.e. they can’t connect to their WiFi at home or another location). If you are having issues, you’ll want to contact Amazon tech support for assistance.

I have a Kindle, but it’s not allowing me to transfer books wirelessly.

It might not be connecting to the wireless network correctly or it might be because the publisher of the book does not allow that specific book to be transferred wirelessly. If this is the case, you can use your USB cord to transfer your books from your computer to the device. Just make sure it’s plugged in first. After you’ve checked out the book and added it to your Amazon account. When prompted, hit the “Download” button. You’ll then be prompted to “Open” or “Save.” Select Save, and then find the Kindle in the list of locations on your “Computer.” Click on “Kindle” and then double click on the “Documents” folder (you should spot the existing books on your Kindle in this location) and click “Save.” Once it’s downloaded, safely remove your Kindle from your computer and go to your Kindle’s homepage to find your book. If you don’t get that option or need to transfer after you’ve navigated away from your Amazon account, go back to the “Manage Your Kindle” section on your Amazon account. From the “Actions” drop-down menu select “Download & transfer via USB.” Note: this also works if you do not have wireless Internet access when you are trying to transfer your books.

Can I change the default lending period? Or I was never asked to change the lending period?

Yes. In older version of OverDrive app (if you haven’t updated) you are not prompted when you check out to select how long you’d like to keep the book: 7, 14, or 21 days. It automatically checks out for your default lending period. However, under “My Account” you have the option to change the default lending period at any time. You can do this within the app or you can change it from your computer.

If I have a Sony Reader, do I have to install the Sony Reader Library software?

Even though you will not use the Sony Reader Library software to view and read library eBooks, you still need to download it to your computer if you have a Sony device. Otherwise the operating system will not recognize your Sony Reader.

I get a “User not activated” or “No permission to copy document” error when transferring an eBook to a Nook (or other eReader device).

These errors usually indicate that there is a problem with your Adobe ID activation. Both Adobe Digital Editions and your eReader must be activated using the same Adobe ID in order to transfer eBook files to an eReader. Some nooks come preloaded with Adobe Digital Editions onto it, so when you create a new Adobe ID you get this error message. To check this and reset it if necessary, please perform these steps:

  1. To confirm Adobe Digital Editions is authorized properly, do the following:
    1. In Adobe Digital Editions, from the title list view, go to the Library menu and select Authorize Computer
    2. If Adobe Digital Editions is authorized, move on to #2.
    3. If Adobe Digital Editions is not authorized, proceed through the setup assistant to authorize it with an Adobe ID.
  2. Reset the Adobe Digital Editions folder on the Nook:
    1. Close Adobe Digital Editions
    2. Connect the Nook to your computer
    3. Under My Computer or Computer, open the drive associated with your device (likely named nook (X:) where X is the drive letter)
    4. Locate the folder .adobe-digital-editions and delete it
  3. Open Adobe Digital Editions. A Device Setup Assistance window should open, asking you to authorize your device. Click the Authorize Device button. If you do not see the Device Setup Assistance dialog, you may activate your device by selecting it on the left side of the screen and going to Options / Activate Device in the lower left corner of the Adobe Digital Editions window.
  4. Transfer the title to your device again
When I try to download my eBook at the NIDL site, it doesn’t open in Adobe Digital Editions. Or I was never asked to activate my Adobe ID account.

First, make sure you are checking out and trying to download the appropriate eBook file format. For example, if you own a Nook device, you want to download ePub or PDF books, not the Kindle books. If it’s still not working and you did indeed download Adobe Digital Editions on the computer you are on, then there might be something wrong with your Adobe ID. Were you ever asked to activate or authorize your Adobe ID account? If not, follow Step 1 in the previous question. If Adobe Digital Editions is authorized, then you might need to contact Adobe Digital Editions Support to reset your account. It’s possible that your computer is registered to multiple accounts, which sometimes happens by accident if more than one person uses your computer. To contact Adobe Digital Editions Support visit their website at: . You can “contact support” from this page.

I'm getting a "E_ADEPT_REQUEST_EXPIRED" error when downloading an eBook.

This error is usually caused by one or more of the following system settings:

  1. Incorrect clock time
  2. Incorrect date
  3. Incorrect time zone

Please check your device's time, date, and time zone to verify that they are correct in relation to your current location. Once you have updated your settings, try to download the eBook again.