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Since the original Wells County cemetery index is over 30 years old, it was decided an update was needed. A set of guidelines was created in hopes that everyone would record the same information.  A list of abbreviations was also established so more information could be provided in a small amount of space.

Several people volunteered to walk the cemeteries and to do data entry. We have tried to be as accurate as possible but as Alexander Pope said “To err is human, to forgive divine.” Please forgive any errors or omissions. We will accept additional information, if it is documented (birth records, death records, dated newspaper article, etc…).

We do not assume any liability for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions.

Each cemetery has an introduction page stating how or where the information was acquired.  The original introduction is provided for every cemetery; several have additional information to support or contradict that information.  The location for each cemetery is provided along with the county map indicating where that location is.

Abbreviations Used

First &/or Last Name
/ - separates different names or spellings
“ “ - indicates nickname

O – old index 
C – cemetery records
F – Funeral Home records
N – newspaper obituary 
P – plot map of cemetery
W – walked cemetery

y – year (s) 
m – month (s)
w – week (s)
d – day (s)
h – hour (s)

Am.L. – American Legion
b - birth
c: - Children
cem rec – Cemetery record
CW – Civil War
d – death                                                      
da - daughter                                                
f - father
FH – Funeral Home
h – husband
IN – Indiana
Inf – Infant
Inft – Infantry
K of P – Knights of Pythias
m- married
ndd – no death date
s – son
sp w/ - shared plot with
ss w/ - shared headstone with
w – wife
WW1 or WWI – World War 1
WW2 or WWII – World War 2
( ) – denotes maiden name
? – unreadable sections on headstone
* - denotes unknown information
“” – words on headstone

Newspaper Codes

The newspaper notation reads as follows: name of newspaper, date of newspaper, page number, column number, ex: BB 01-02-1900p1c4 

BB – Bluffton Banner
BC – Bluffton Chronicle
BNB – Bluffton News Banner
EB – Evening Banner
EN – Evening News
ENB – Evening News Banner
NB – News Banner