Book Shelves in the Main Library
The Library Board of the Wells County Public Library may add or delete services as recommended by the library director based on patron request, patron use, and budgetary cost. Services are reviewed each year as part of the policy review. As these services are not line items in the budget, they need to be considered in light of personnel costs, equipment costs, and collection costs.

Equipment Loan

The library loans several pieces of equipment, including but not limited to the following: multi-media projector, video camera, typewriter, overhead projector, slide projector, CD/cassette player, Apollo amplifier sound system, screen.
  • Patrons with a valid adult library card may check out the equipment for a period up to 48 hours. Equipment must be picked up and returned to the Audiovisual Department at the Main library.
  • User fees and deposits may be charged for equipment use. The Library Board approves these charges.
  • Equipment may be reserved up to 3 months in advance during audiovisual service hours.
  • Equipment may not be used where any exchange of funds or goods take place.  

Public Use Equipment

Public use equipment is available according to procedures determined by the library director. The equipment for library use in designated areas includes, but is not limited to the following: computers, copiers/scanners/printers, a typewriter, cassette/CD players, magnifying glasses, video players, video projectors, Playaway View, and digital piano.
  • Fees may apply.
  • The library will not be held responsible for damages to a patron’s electronic information, portable storage devices, disks, or tapes as a result of use of library equipment. 

Outreach Services

Schools in the county are served in the way most beneficial to each school’s needs. The school administrator and the library director will determine this service.
Institutions, Corporations & Organizations 
Institutions, corporations, and organized groups may borrow collections on the same basis as individuals at the discretion of the library director.
Homebound services
Homebound services are provided to Wells County citizens unable to use a library facility. The Homebound Service Application is available online as well as at the library.
Homebound patrons of the Wells County Library have access to the following services
  • Books selected by staff. Books are picked up and returned by a third party.
  • Books selected, delivered, and returned by staff or approved volunteer for patrons who reside in local residential facilities.
  • Books delivered to patron's home by staff or approved volunteer. Such service is available on an individual basis. The library determines eligibility.
Criteria for delivery of books to private homes
  • Proof of incapacity may be required.
  • Two staff members will make first delivery.
  • This service is a privilege based upon appropriate response of patron or other individuals present in the home. Such service will be stopped immediately if any problem or questionable behavior from the patron or other people in the home is noted.
Materials Loaned
  • Homebound patrons may borrow books and audio books for up to six weeks without fines.
  • Requests may be made by telephone or during a staff member's visit.
  • Requests are honored as quickly as possible. Several days may be needed for locating requested materials.

Fax Service

Fax service is available for a fee.

Notary Public

Notary public service is provided at no charge. This service is subject to the availability of the notary public on staff.

Services to the Disabled

In accordance with the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"), the Wells County Public Library will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its services, programs, or activities.
The Wells County Public Library does not discriminate on the basis of disability in its hiring or employment practices and complies with all regulations promulgated by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under title I of the ADA.
Effective Communication
The Wells County Public Library will generally, upon request, provide appropriate aids and services leading to effective communication for qualified persons with disabilities so they can participate equally in the Wells County Public Library’s programs, services, and activities.
Modifications to Policies & Procedures
The Wells County Public Library will make all reasonable modifications to policies and library sponsored programs to ensure that people with disabilities have an equal opportunity to enjoy all of its programs, services, and activities. For example, individuals with service animals are welcomed in the Wells County Public Library’s buildings, even where pets are generally prohibited.
Anyone who requires an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication, or a modification of policies or procedures to participate in a program, service, or activity sponsored by the Wells County Public Library should contact the library director, 260-824-1612 as soon as possible but no later than 5 business days before the scheduled event.
The ADA does not require the Wells County Public Library to take any action that would fundamentally alter the nature of its programs or services, or impose an undue financial or administrative burden.
Complaints that a program, service, or activity of Wells County Public Library is not accessible to persons with disabilities should be directed to the library director.
The Wells County Public Library will not place a surcharge on a particular individual with a disability or any group of individuals with disabilities to cover the cost of providing auxiliary aids or services or reasonable modifications of policy, such as retrieving items from locations that are open to the public but are not accessible to persons who use wheelchairs.The public is kept informed of library activities through the library web page, library social websites, the library newsletter, library promotional materials, the library electronic signage, and the area media.


The public is kept informed of library activities through the library web page, library social websites, the library newsletter, library promotional materials, the library electronic signage, and the area media.

Reference Service

Quality reference service is provided.
The library buys quality reference sources within the allotted budget and scope of our collection using critical review sources, but is not responsible for the accuracy of the collection.
Library personnel will not interpret information, especially in medical, tax, and legal reference research.
Reference materials generally do not loan, but photocopiers are available. Up to fifty cents (50¢) worth of copies may be made without charge from these items per day.
Materials may loan overnight with the permission of the reference librarian, director, branch manager, or assistant branch manager.
Interlibrary loan and database searching may supplement the reference collection.

Exam Proctoring

The proctoring of examinations is a service offered by the Wells County Public Library. The library will offer proctoring services based on the availability of personnel, facilities and technology to do so.
Students who are registered library card holders in good standing with the Wells County Public Library are eligible for this service.
There is no charge for each exam proctored. There is a $3 fee charged if faxing or mailing is required. All fees are payable just prior to taking the exam.
All qualified staff, full and part-time, are able to proctor exams, as allowed by their work schedule. The Application for Proctoring Service form should be turned in to the proctor when scheduling the test at least 7 days in advance. Tests will be scheduled during the proctor’s regular work hours. Tests must be completed 30 minutes before the library closes.
  • The student will allow sufficient time to take the examination before the deadline that has been established by the institution.
  • The student will be required to present a valid picture I.D. at the time of the exam.
  • Proctors will not monitor a student continuously during an exam, but may check on the student periodically. The Library does not guarantee that a quiet study room will be provided. 
  • Proctors will enforce any time limits that are placed on the exam, as well as other rules set forth in the examination materials. The use of cell phones or visiting with others is prohibited. Any perceived violation of the posted rules for the exam will be reported to the educational institution.
  • Tests offered in a computer format must be compatible with the hardware and software available on the Library workstations. Tests taken over the Internet are limited to two hours in duration.
  • Prior contact between the testing institution and the proctor is required so that credibility and testing requirements can be verified.
  • Librarians cannot proctor exams that students bring in themselves.
  • Librarians will not sign a proctoring verification that attests to more than the staff member has been able to do.
  • The Wells County Public Library will not be responsible for any delayed tests, nor for any completed tests once they leave the library’s possession and have been mailed or emailed back to the educational institution.
  • The Library will not be responsible for tests that are interrupted by Library emergencies, power failures, or computer hardware or software failures.
  • The Library reserves the right to substitute a proctor in the event of the original proctor’s absence.
  • Application for Proctoring Service forms will be retained by the library for a period of two years from the date of the application.
Responsibilities of the test taker
  • Read the Exam Proctoring Policy.
  • Fill out the Application for Proctoring Service form and return it to the Reference Desk at least sevel (7) days prior to tesst date. A librarian will then contact the patron to make an appointment to meet and to complete the necessary paperwork the patron's school requires.
  • The patron's school may have specific requirements for proctoring. Check with the proctor to make sure the Library can meet all of the requirements.
  • Call a day or two prior to the test date to make sure the test or login information has arrived. The proctor does not contact the patron when the test arrives.
  • Arrive promptly at the agreed-upon time, prepared with the items required for taking the test. These may include a picture I. D., money, pens or pencils and calculator. Only items listed in the instructions will be allowed in the test area. The patron is responsible for securing personal items before the test begins.
  • Exams not taken by the date on which they were to be completed are either discarded or returned. 

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Specified materials may be borrowed from other libraries by Wells County Public Library patrons through ILL, subject to limitations outlined by the lending library and the Indiana Resource Sharing Manual. Certain materials lent to the library for a patron may be restricted to in-library use only.
  • The use of ILL is not a substitute for adequate collections of the Wells County Public Library or as a replacement for purchasing a personal PLAC card.
  • ILL is a free services. A postage fee will be charged for material received from an out-of-state institution.
  • The library will comply with copyright law.
  • Paton's account must be in good standing to use ILL services.
  • Wells County Public Library will search ILL through OCLC (Online Computer Library Center) and SRCS (Statewide Remote Circulation System).
The library loans only print materials to other libraries’ patrons subject to the lending policies set by Wells County Public Library and the limitations outlined in the Indiana Library Resource Sharing Manual.
  • The number of items loaned may be limited due to such factors as seasonal demand, popularity, etc.
  • Loaned ILL materials are renewable at the discretion of the ILL clerk.
ILL requests are filled in the order they are requested through OCLC and SRCS.

Special Room Use

The Main library and the Ossian branch library have several rooms available for patron use.
Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms are available at the Main and Ossian libraries for groups to reserve and use for a fee.
Children's Story Hour Room
Due to several safety and equipment concerns, the Main library's story hour room will be reserved for library-related activities only.
The Ossian Branch library's story hour room is used for library programming and for studying, or small meetings at the discretion of the branch librarian. Library programming always has priority.
Study Rooms
Rooms are available at the discretion of the librarian to adults and young adults. Capacity per room is limited to no more than four patrons at a time. Reservations may be made in two (2) hour increments. Reservations may be made up to two (2) weeks in advance.
Indiana Room
Meetings and gatherings in the Main library’s Indiana Room are at the discretion of the library director or reference librarian and will follow their procedural direction.
Board Room
Meetings and gatherings in the Main library’s board room are at the discretion of the library director. 

Food & Drink in the Library

Specified food and non-alcoholic drink items are allowed in some public areas of the library as long as these items are consumed responsibly.

  • The Indiana Room and the vicinity of any library computer is a “No Food or Drink” zone.
  • All drinks must be in securely lidded cups or in capped bottles.
  • Food must be confined to individually consumed snacks and must not be distracting to other patrons or damaging to library materials.
  • Library users must immediately report spills to staff.
  • Food and drink containers should be disposed of properly.
  • Food and drink is permitted at the sole discretion of the library staff. They have the authority to deny the consumption of certain types of beverages and food. Library staff may also revoke privileges of patrons who continually abuse the policy.

Electronic Communications

The library telephone may be used for local calls in emergency or hardship cases or at the discretion of the library staff. The following guidelines should be followed when using electronic devices
  • Set electronic device to vibrate or silent while in the library.
  • Step away from other patrons and staff when using electronic communication
  • Use the lobby or step outside the building for extended conversations.
  • Keep the volume of your voice low and refrain from abusive language.