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General Statement

The library’s meeting rooms provide space for programs and activities either sponsored by the library or community groups and individuals for cultural, educational, informational, recreational, or civic purposes. 
Prohibited activities include
  • Buying, selling, advertising or trading products or services for cash or other consideration to the public except in support of the library
  • Drugs, alcohol and use of tobacco products
  • Illegal activities or behavior
  • Activities for minors without responsible adult supervision;
  • Activities disruptive, abusive, or dangerous to the building, library materials, exhibits, furnishings or individuals in the building (including, but not limited to, the burning of candles)
  • Conduct interfering with the library’s mission, the customer’s use of the library, or the library employee’s service to customers
  • Any activity that interferes with traffic flow at library entrances or causes undue congestion at those entrances 
The fact that a group is welcome to meet in the library does not in any way constitute the library’s endorsement of the group’s policies, beliefs, or activities. Non-library groups must take care not to imply library endorsement or sponsorship in their promotional material and public advertisement of the meeting. Any group or individual who advertises an event to be held at WCPL is required to include the following disclaimer: “The use of the Wells County Public Library’s meeting facility does not constitute the library’s endorsement and sponsorship of the program or the organizer’s policies and beliefs.” If the meeting is publicly advertised, a copy of the publicity must be sent to the library prior to the meeting.
All meetings must begin within regular library hours. Arrangements for library meeting room use beyond regular hours must be cleared in advance. Meetings must adjourn and the building must be vacated within two hours of the library’s closing time on weekdays and three hours after the library's closing time on Saturdays.  No meetings may be scheduled for days the library is closed.
Library sponsored activities will take precedence over all other activities. The library reserves the right to preempt any event for an emergency or special library-sponsored event. In such rare instance the library will make every reasonable effort to give ample notice, assist in rescheduling, or refunding of all fees.
Only the library director or branch manager may approve and make exception to meeting room use and policy.
The library reserves the right to terminate a meeting or deny future reservations to any group or individual who does not follow library policy and the responsibilities defined for meeting room use.

Scheduling Procedure

Rooms are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis and can be reserved up to 6 months in advance.
Information concerning the availability of the room may be obtained by phone, but no request for meeting space shall be considered official until a written reservation form has been received and approved.
Full payment is expected at the time of reservation in order to hold the event. Payment will be fully refunded for cancellation if notification is received at least 30 days prior to the date of the event. If the event is cancelled with less than 30 days’ notice, payment will be forfeited. Future reservations may be denied to any group who fails to show up without prior notification.
No group may assign its reservation to another group.
No reservations are approved for meetings larger than the room capacity.
Library employees have free access to any meeting held in the meeting room at any time.
The library does not assume any responsibility or liability for the security of personal or organizational items. 

Fees, Penalities & Damaged

The Library Board of Trustees sets the fees for the use of the library meeting rooms. Prevailing sales tax will be charged to for-profit organizations and individuals. Not-for-profit organizations must provide a copy of Form ST-105 (Indiana Department of Revenue General Sales Tax Exemption Certificate) each year.
Permission must be obtained from the library director to extend the meeting time beyond the time specified on the application form. Additional fees may apply. Groups failing to comply will be penalized.
Each group assumes full responsibility for any damages incurred from the use of the meeting room. Abuse of the facilities will be sufficient cause to deny further use. A bill will be sent to the group representative for any damage caused by the organization using the facilities. Compensation based on replacement cost, labor cost, or both is to be received within thirty (30) days. 


The group using the room is responsible for setting up the room to its specifications. 
Tables, chairs, floors, and kitchen need to be cleaned. A vacuum sweeper is available for the renter’s use. Please report any carpet spills promptly as they may be easier to remove before they dry.
The group is responsible for the removal of garbage, including disposable table service.

If the meeting extends beyond library closing hours, the group representative will assume accountability for securing the meeting room area. They will follow the security procedures established by the library director.
Beverages, Food, Smoking & Decorations
The kitchenette areas at the Main library and Ossian Branch may be used to serve food and beverages. The kitchenette includes a refrigerator and microwave for the renter’s use.
Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted. Please no red dye or grape juice beverages.
Refrain from the use of all tobacco products on library property. This includes electronic cigarettes.
The library is a latex-free facility. Only non-latex balloons are permitted in the meeting rooms.

Library Equipment
Subject to prior booking, the following equipment is available to use in the meeting room: overhead projector, opaque projector, slide projector, TV, video player, DVD player, cd/cassette player, video camera, projection screen, podium, portable stage, multi-media projector, portable speaker system, videoconferencing unit, digital piano, portable stage, and a flip chart/marker board stand. The videoconferencing unit, digital piano, and portable stage are not available at the Ossian branch. Users are encouraged to schedule a time in advance of their meeting to come in and become familiar with the operation of the equipment.
The Internet-based videoconferencing unit includes a control box, tabletop microphone, and a handheld wireless microphone. It is used with the video projector. Booking of this equipment is allowed only when a staff person trained to troubleshoot the equipment is on duty in the building, as users are not allowed to troubleshoot equipment. Equipment must be reserved at least two weeks in advance. It is the user’s responsibility to complete all advance arrangements with the transmitting or providing entity and provide accurate connection information. A knowledgeable representative should plan to arrive 30 minutes before the conference begins in order for the library staff member to set up the connection. All program-viewing charges are the responsibility of the user. The library is not responsible for transmission interruptions or outages.
The use of most equipment is included in the room rental fees. There is an additional charge for the use of the digital piano.
If the equipment is damaged or stolen, the organization using the room is responsible for replacing the equipment.

The fire marshal's capacity will not be exceeded.
Main Small Meeting Room
24 people with tables and chairs
49 people with chairs only
Main Large Meeting Room
72 people with tables and chairs
250 people with chairs only
Main Large and Small Meeting Rooms used together
378 people with chairs only
Ossian Meeting room
16 people with tables and chairs
36 people with chairs only
Unsupervised Children
Children should be provided with adult supervision before, during, and after programs, activities, and meetings held in the library’s meeting rooms and should not be expected to entertain themselves or use the library. Trips to rest rooms and in and out of the building likewise require supervision.
Noise & Disruptive Behavior 
If any noise becomes disruptive to library patrons, it may result in the forfeiture of the user privileges or termination of the meeting. Please be aware that the walls are not soundproof.