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The following policy applies to exhibits in the library, either within or outside the display cases and to exhibits anywhere on library grounds.
  • Exhibits at the Wells County Public Library are by the invitation of the reference librarian, the branch manager, the library director, or the Board of Trustees.
  • Exhibitors wishing to be invited to display need to contact the library. Individual exhibitors shall be card-holding patrons of the library and shall reside within the Wells County Public Library district.
  • The Wells County school organizations and those community groups who regularly meet in the library's meeting rooms will have first priority.
  • All exhibitors shall present their exhibits in a tasteful, artistic, and professional-looking manner, as this is a visual representation of their organization, its beliefs, and ideals. No exhibitor may solicit members or contributions in their exhibits.
  • The name of the organization responsible for the exhibit shall be in plain view on the face of the exhibit.
  • The Wells County Public Library reserves the right to issue a written disclaimer indicating to the public that an exhibit does not reflect the beliefs or views of the Wells County Public Library. Further, the Wells County Public Library reserves the right to reject any exhibit that is not consistent with the purpose of providing useful information to the public.
  • The display will remain in place for a mutually agreed upon time. No display will remain in place indefinitely.
  • The library is not responsible for items exhibited.

Information Displays

Since display area is very limited, the library displays very little community information. Information displayed is primarily library-related material. Acceptance of materials does not indicate that such materials will be displayed in the library. Heads of departments or branches reserve the right to review and endorse posting and remove all displayed materials. Questionable material is referred to the library director for final approval.
Library Ornamentation 
Holiday decorations and ornaments used in the library shall exhibit no religious preference.
Bulletin Boards 
Department and branch managers are responsible for all materials displayed on departmental or branch bulletin boards.
Pamphlet & Flyer Display
The library will display educational and informational community material in the designated pamphlet display areas as space permits.
Materials posted must be of a non-profit, community-related nature.
Materials should be no larger than 11” X 17”.
Material will be displayed for a finite time period, not to exceed 1 month.
All exceptions must be approved by the library director.
Electronic Signage
The library’s exterior and interior electronic signage displays library-related information only.