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Website will be down 9/18!

Posted on September 17, 2013 at 8:14 AM

WiresEvery year the employees of the library are very busy Street Fair week. While the Bluffton library is closed we read shelves (That's library lingo for making sure all the books are in order so all of you can easily find what you are looking for.), dust like mad people, and pull books that have excess wear and tear for repair or replacement. Carpets and upholstries are also being cleaned. Basically, we are polishing things up to keep the library an enjoyable place for the community.

Behind the scenes sits the technology that runs this place. That's where I come in. While most of the staff is in a book cleaning frezy I usually open the door to the data center and stare at all my cables going every which way and think, "What am I going to do with this mess?" Most of the time I walk away in defeat. But this year something is going to be done! On Wednesday, September 18th to be exact. During the organizing and untangling process our equipment will be turned off. Since we are closed this shouldn't be a big inconvienance. But please note on this day you will not be able to access the library website. If you are one of the many who camp outside the library building to hop on our WiFi, this too will be unavailable. 

Although visitors to our library generally are not able to appreciate the appearance of our data center I hope you will all take pleasure in knowing that somewhere out there a System Administrator will be smiling.

Enjoy your Street Fair week!!

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Written by Christine Will

My name is Christine Will, Systems Administrator for the Wells County Public Library. You can find me locked away in the library tower trapped under spare computer parts and cables. I am sometimes able to find my way to the light so feel free to email me at cwill(at)

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